Why You Don’t Need a 101-Point Plan of Action

2 Jul 2021 | Biz Strategy, Vision

When Sir William Wallace got onto his horse and gathered an army of everyday Scotts willing to bet everything – including their lives – on the vision he had, he did not waste time with a 101-point-plan-of-action. He inspired them with a simple message that caught fire immediately, and finally led to their victory.


Your Vision 

When you’re creating a vision for your business, ask yourself… 

  1. What does success look like to me?
  2. What do I/we want to become known for?
  3. Why do I believe so much in our solution?
  4. What is the transformation our ideal clients/buyers will go through when working with us/buying our product?
  5. How is our solution different from that of your competitors? 

As every great army general (and entrepreneur) knows, a vision alone doesn’t guarantee victory. You have to have a proper strategy to get the right troops in the right positions, train them, make sure everybody has food and equipment, and so on.  

Just like our famous red-haired Scot, you need both a great vision and a well-thought-out, actionable strategy to be successful. 


Your Strategy 

Many businesses don’t plan at all, while others get stuck in over-planning mode for ages. None of these approaches works. Instead, you should keep your plan simple enough for everybody to understand – and remember – but detailed enough to cover all risks and steps necessary to bring the vision to fruition.  

Where do you get stuck when planning for your business? 

  • Do you find it challenging to create a vision and put it into words that inspire? 
  • Do you get stuck in planning mode?
  • Are you planning by the seat of your pants, constantly putting out fires as you go?
  • Or is it something entirely different?

If you’re feeling stuck, not knowing how to turn your vision into reality, why not get in touch? We’ll help you to put the right pieces together to build a corona-proof business.