Every team needs a Robin, and for that matter, business owners do too. She’s a great mentor for her fellow accountants and has built strong relationships with her clients who rely on her for advice.  

Robin brings 20 years of experience as a Chartered Accountant. Ten of those were with BW before moving to another CA firm, and then she returned to BWMD when they merged with Miller Dean Limited. Hardworking and efficient, she enjoys the variety of working with her client’s different industries. Robin loves to talk with her clients and help them achieve their goals.

Finishing her Accounting degree while her children were young and completing the Couch to 5k are achievements she’s proud of. In her spare time, you’ll find Robin socialising with friends, walking, travelling somewhere, or planning her next overseas trip. Robin lives in Tawa with her husband Richard, and has two grown children. Her son lives overseas in London, and her daughter in Wellington.

Robin holds a BCA Degree, and also has a New Zealand Certificate in Science Microbiology.