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John Little



After completing my studies at Victoria University I joined BW Miller Dean (some 39 years ago), which in those days was known as Miller Dean and Partners. I am currently involved with business development and compliance work working with a range of clients.

I enjoy the varied work which includes mentoring clients and growing their businesses as well as helping them through their life’s issues. Clients appreciate what we do –  a client once said he remembered what I said to him the first day we met, and it’s been his lifesaver! I’ll tell the story in one of our future newsletters.

I live in Strathmore with my wife Julie. In my spare time you’ll find me at Peka Peka, at a barbeque, involved with my church, walking my dog, travelling or at social events.

Some words of wisdom I live by are: “Treat Clients with respect, most know the finer points of their business better than you. But assist them with solving their problems and looking at the bigger picture e.g. new ideas or concepts because they are so involved in their day to day operations.”

Without a supportive team at BW Miller Dean, we would not be able to provide the services to our clients – work I love doing.