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Things run a lot smoother at BWMD thanks to Pathricia’s strong administrative, IT and customer service background. With her keen eye for detail and a talent for creative art and digital design, her range of skills is a great asset to the team.   

Pathricia loves meeting new people, tackling interesting challenges with tenacity, and continual learning. Her interest in marketing, animated design and Photoshop guarantees there are plenty of opportunities to grow in her role. Achievements she’s proud of include designing a website and platforming a client on Instagram.  

When she’s not at work or taking a creative course, you’ll find her hiking, camping, playing badminton or participating in a long-distance running event. Her mugs and ornaments are adorned with her love for whales, and she can’t resist buying products with creatively designed packaging.

Pathricia earned a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology in Mobile Computing at HELP University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.