New Years’ Resolutions: Business Planning

Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve come back to work all fired up and ready to get into it- declaring that this year, you’re going to make the time to work ON your business not just IN it. You know what your goals are for the year and have a plan to get them underway.

Or does it feel like groundhog day? You just get bogged in the same old detail with no clear picture of where you want the business to be going.

Without a clear idea of why you’re in business and what you want to achieve, you cannot complain when you don’t achieve the lifestyle you want from your business. If you aim nowhere, that’s where you get – nowhere.

I’ve been reviewing our plan for the last quarter, ticking off what was achieved. We’ll be meeting next week to set the new objectives for the next quarter and the coming year. From all I’ve read this is the best way to do your plans. Have longer term strategic targets, anywhere up to say 3 years, then break it down into what has to be achieved this year, then this quarter, to move you towards that goal. Often the tasks on this are not things that are urgent but they are important. Things that if you don’t do you won’t move forwards. And that’s the problem; often the urgent daily “In the business” things take over and bump these important things aside. That’s why it’s best to be accountable to someone for sticking to doing what you know you need to do. I’ve used business coaches in the past; they help you develop your plans and then hold you accountable. It’s amazing how knowing you’re having a meeting with them inspired you to do what you said you’d do. Here we have four Directors, so we’re more inclined to hold each other accountable.

We can help you develop your business plan. We also have a collection of business development programs that we use to coach clients to focus on what’s important to them in their business; from learning to understand your financials to regular meetings, to coaching you to work towards your goals.

One of our goals for the next year is to work on getting to know our clients better. So, at the very least we’d love to meet with you and make sure we understand what it is you want to achieve from your business. Any one of us Directors would be delighted to hold a Complimentary Client Review with you. It’s a free hour with us to help you define what it is you’re after from your business as well as help us better understand you and your business. Give us a call on 04 910 3340 to set up a time for a meeting.

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