Marketing tools and technology

As I said in an earlier blog every business needs to do some form of marketing, no matter how small you are.

Once you’ve fully understood who you are, what your product or service is and who your target market is, you have to find a way to talk to them. My blogs are an example of this.

In this day and age this involves tools and technology. The array of these is overwhelming – just try googling it.


So, start with a plan. What are you going to say, who to and what media will you use to say it?

We used a consultant to help us come up with some structure around what we are saying (for example, this month is about marketing). Having a structure makes it a lot easier to make it happen and now I don’t spend hours sitting around trying to dream up what to say. Read More »

Running a great business

I spent a few days last month getting together with a group of colleagues who meet twice a year to work “on” our business’s. We’ve been getting together for 5 years now so we know each other very well. As one of them said “Its a bit like getting undressed together!”

Many Chartered Accountants call themselves “Accountants and business advisors”. To be honest, many of them have never really run a business themselves, or they have run a pretty sloppy one so I’m not really sure quite how they can advise their clients on how to.

I’ve been an owner of BW for over 20 years, and have many clients running small and medium businesses so I’ve gathered a bit of knowledge over the years.

Here are a few simple tips to running your business from me:
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Marketing in a small business

We, as accountants, used to be in the fortunate situation where we were a necessary evil for all businesses. We had an annual relationship with our clients where we did the scary stuff they didn’t want to do themselves. Times have changed, and the way we do business has changed. So I’ve had to learn a lot about marketing in recent years. What it is, and what it isn’t. It’s no longer just a letter head, a business card and an ad in the yellow pages.  We’ve done some courses and even employed a part time marketer for a while to get us on the right track.  It seems it’s now a great website, social media, public relations and many other things that you have to keep up with on an ongoing basis.

But as one of the courses we did said “there’s no point shouting out to the whole stadium when you’re only wanting to speak to a few of the people there.” So you have to know who your target client is and what you want to do for them. To know that you have to really understand who you are, what your brand is. And of course, what your product is.

I found the following great tips in the Dummies guide to marketing that sums it up:

Making Marketing Work in Your Small Business

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be a good marketer. But neither is there a silver bullet or one-size-fits-all solution. Every small business is different — the marketing plan and tactics for a mortgage broker are entirely different from those of a computer reseller. However, the process of building a plan, sticking to it and applying the time and resources it needs is the common secret to success in marketing. Read More »