An Insider’s Guide to Awesome Administrators

Good administrators, the ones who get things done before you have to ask, the ones who are meticulous and detailed yet friendly and fun, are as rare as hens’ teeth.  But if you find one… your business will skyrocket, as they are a very crucial part.

Not only are they the first face clients see when they come in the door, they are also behind the smooth running of any office environment.

As the practice manager of our office, I lead our administration team and I love my job!  We make the most of having a very strong admin team in our office, so our accountants can get on with what they do best – strategic planning, budgets and cash flow forecasts, and, of course, accounts! We take care making sure our office is clean and tidy. We enjoying making cups of tea and coffee for our clients and having a chat as they come in the door. We make sure our annual work is in so our accountants don’t need to worry about getting the work in but can focus on getting high quality work out the door to our clients. And we take pride in the relationships we get to build with our clients. Read More »

TrustTALK – July 2016

As a member of NZ CA Limited we receive a quarterly newsletter from them all about Trust’s called TrustTALK.

The latest issue talks about the importance of having a will and touches on the topic of having a power of attorney.

Click the link here to receive your copy NZCA Issue 7 BW Miller Dean.

If you are interested in past issues you can find them on the NZ CA Limited website here.

Phishing Scam – important message from IRD

Over the past two weeks Inland Revenue has received reports of a telephone phishing scam from several hundred customers around New Zealand.

The scam calls have been made to landlines and mobile phones, with messages being left on voicemail if the calls haven’t been answered.

The callers state that they are from the Inland Revenue Department and the following scenarios have been reported, that the customer:

  • is wanted for historic tax evasion or tax avoidance
  • has a red flag on their file
  • is in debt

The caller is then advising customer they or their lawyer must return the call as soon as possible. Some customers have been told to make a payment via Western Union within 30 minutes, or risk arrest.

They are often told to ring a Wellington number – (04) 830 2441 – and recommended to speak to a “Kenneth Matthews”, “James Matthews” or “Kevin Sousa” to arrange an immediate payment so as to avoid serious repercussions.

Customers have reported the callers as having “foreign sounding” accents, with many different accents reported. Sometimes the caller is female. The callers are very confident and convincing, and we have received anecdotal reports that some customers have been taken in and paid significant sums of money to the scammers.

Some customers have called the number referred to above and reported the background as sounding like a Contact Centre environment with multiple accents.
These customers have also reported the callers as becoming angry and aggressive when challenged.

If you receive a suspicious email, SMS scam message or a fraudulent call, please let us know as soon as possible so we can advise IRD.

Our Christmas Holidays

Holidays are always a great time of year- especially in summer! We all love to celebrate in different ways.


1 Peta Xmas Photo 05                1 Peta Xmas Photo 06                1 Peta Xmas photo 7

1 Peta Xmas Photo 04        Clayton Xmas Photo 01

Clayton Xmas Photo 02        Clayton Xmas Photo 03

aClayton Xmas Photo 04          aClayton Xmas Photo 05         Nicole Xmas Photo 4

IMG_6341        Jaime Xmas Photo

Nicole Xmas Photo 02 Nicole Xmas Photo 3 z20151024_140828 z20151209_201626-1

Xero Tips and Tricks

This month we are talking about getting the most out of your Xero.

In Peta’s last blog she went over a few of the common areas people make mistakes in Xero. This time I want to give you some tips so you can use Xero as efficiently as possible.

Here at BW we all use Xero on a daily basis so across the whole team we have all picked up little tips and tricks here and there to make using Xero that much easier.

Here is a list of some of our top tips in Xero: Read More »

Peta and Pete from South America

As many of you know Peta and Pete are spending 5 weeks making their way around South America. They have been keeping us updated with some pictures on Facebook. See them below!

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Compliance help for contractors!

We are so delighted to launch a brand new product!

It’s called Contractor Cohort and it’s specifically designed to help busy contractors keep their books in order and stay compliant with the tax man!  Here’s the catch… there is none!

What we’ve done is put together a solution to all the tricky tax challenges that contractors have to deal with and packaged it up in an easily affordable bundle.
For $149 + GST per month, you get:

  • Xero accounting software subscription
  • Monthly checks and help with your books
  • GST return filled and filed
  • Email advice every month on how much money you should have tucked aside for your tax
  • Annual income statement and tax return preparation

The absolute star of this package is the email advice.  Knowing how much to stash away for your tax bill is what gets most people in a sticky situation.  Each month, we’ll take a look at your books and send you an email giving you a super intelligent estimate of how much you should save!  No guesswork for you, just slide it away for the rainy tax pay day!

If you’re already a Xero user, you can choose to let us host your subscription or we’ll just lower the monthly charge you pay us! Simple!

Peta Walker – our fabulous director at BW, has written an e-book about it – you can read it here.

Love to hear your thoughts… and if you’d like to know more, give Clayton a call on 04-385-8628 or send him an email.