TrustTALK Issue 11 October 2017

As a member of NZ CA (an association of independent chartered accountants), we receive a quarterly newsletter from them all about Trusts called TrustTALK.

The latest issue talks about Trustee responsibilities, family loans, and information about the newly released Trusts Bill.

Click the link here to receive your copy: CCH – Issue 11_BW Miller Dean

If you are interested in past issues you can find them on the NZ CA Limited website here.

What Will You Get Paid If You Have an Accident?

ACC is a large bill for any business (particularly for tradesmen and those in high risk industries) that none of us like getting.

When you get the next invoice, check the details are correct because if the levy rate or income details are wrong you may be paying too much for not enough cover. Read More »