How planning makes you better at everything

We all have goals. Something we want to achieve. Usually they start with “One day I’m going to…” I’ve always said “Gonna do, doesn’t get it done”. A goal without a plan to make it happen is just a dream.

I set a goal at the beginning of 2012 to walk the whole of the Te Araroa walkway in my life time. It’s a 3000km walk. Check it out on I’d already done about 100km’s of it so I figured if I walked 100kms per year I’d knock it off over the next 29 years. Good plan! In 2012 we started with great gusto, did a couple of walks but then the year flashed by and at the end I realised we’d only managed to tick off 45km’s. Not good enough to achieve the goal.

So this year I planned roughly which pieces we’d do and approximately when, then looked for opportunities to make it happen. My husband wanting to go to a rock concert in Auckland gave an opportunity to walk the North Shore segment there. A visit to family in Ohakune meant we could walk a bit of it there. Easter gave an opportunity to go to the beautiful Lake Tekapo and add pieces there. Before you know it we’ve done 86km’s and there’s still seven months to go.

Your business should be treated the same way. There should be a goal, a destination in mind for what you want to have achieved. Then there needs to be a plan for how to get there. In both the short term and the longer term. Then you need to check in and monitor how you’re going on that plan and make adjustments if the progress isn’t what’s needed to meet the goal.

A financial version of a plan is a budget. All businesses should prepare one and monitor to it every month to see if things are as expected and wanted. We can help you with this.

We can even help you with working out what the long term goal is. Undertaking a business review or planning day can really clarify why you’re in business and what you want to achieve from it.

If you’re ready to start getting things done in your business give me a call and let’s get planning!