Whether you are just starting out in business, have an established business already, or are looking to sell, our specialist services can help you get it right!

One-off Specialist Services

Business Start-ups
Getting things set up properly when you start in business is crucial to survival.
We can help you form a business plan, make sure you’ve got the structure right for you, and set up your systems and processing for good records.

Business Purchase
Buying a business is very stressful. How do you know what you’re getting and that it’s a fair price?
We can help you assess the value of a business, undertake financial due diligence, organise finance and negotiate with the vendor.

Shareholder Agreement
A shareholders agreement is like a prenup for businesses. Easy to put off, but can save so many problems later on. We believe every company should have one.
To help you prepare one we meet with you to work through all the key points you should agree on, and prepare a plain English heads of agreement (which you can take to the lawyers to be formally written up, if you want to).

Strategic Planning
Do you know where you want your business to go?
We can help you establish a strategic goal to help you define the direction of your business and work out how you’re going to get there.

Organisational Review
Do you end up doing too much of everything in your business? Do your team know what their roles really are? Do they all have job descriptions that they are held accountable to?
An organisational review will help you determine what the roles in your business should be and what should be done in that role.

Business Structure Review
Are you operating your business through the most appropriate entity type?
We can review your business structure to make sure you’re maximising your profits and minimising your tax.

Succession Planning
If it’s time for you to pull out of your business, we can help you through the process of transferring the business to new ownership. Whether it’s inter-generational or bringing a new owner in, it takes careful planning and time to successfully implement.

Business Sale
Do you want to cash up and get out? What is your business really worth? What is it you’re actually selling?
We can help you assess this as well as work with you through the sale process including the financial due diligence.

Specialist Investment Services

A Trust is a valuable way of protecting the assets you have accumulated, but it has to have a purpose and be worth the cost and effort required. We will meet with you to determine if a trust is what you really need and if so, ensure it’s set up correctly.

As a Trustee your obligations can be onerous. Our Trust Administration Service, provided by our bookkeepers, is a great way to make sure that you are managing those obligations correctly.

Rental Properties
Many of our clients have rental properties. We can undertake the normal tax compliance issues as well as providing advice on the following:

  1. Purchasing of a property
  2. Funding for purchase and ongoing maintenance
  3. Ownership structure
  4. Guidance in tax minimisation