Not for profit is our thing…

We’ve got a specialised accounting and advisory service team for the Not for Profit sector- Charities, Trusts, Incorporated Societies, Professional and Industry Training Organisations (ITOs), and other Public Benefit Entities (PBEs).

We really enjoy working with the Not for Profit Sector, and specialize in tailoring services for this group.
We have a Not for Profit service package directly aimed at helping this very important and often overlooked sector.
We can work alongside your in-house accounts staff/administrator to fill the gap between what they do with your accounts throughout the year and what your board and auditors require at the end of the year.

What do we know about Not for Profits?
Our team have worked with various Not for Profits for many years, including the Wellington SPCA, The Stroke Foundation, and The New Zealand Veterinary Association, to name a few. We understand the unique issues this sector faces, and that NFP organisations are different to other businesses – they may not have the need or the finances to employ full time qualified accountants, and tax compliance is not the main focus of record keeping.

Do you know what’s happening to your Organisation’s accounts in ‘real time’ during the year?
NFP Organisations, like other businesses, need accurate management accounts to know that their Organisation is heading in the right direction. Monthly focus on all aspects of the Organisation is required for the board and good financial management, not to mention to make end of year accounts simpler. With our help, monitoring customised Key Performance Indicators and reporting to the board is easy and logical.

Is your annual audit or official review painful?
Do you always need to make changes to your records at the end of the year because they aren’t as accurate as they could be throughout the year?

We know that Not for Profits need to have extremely accurate and timely management accounts for the board as well as the annual audit/review. Often internal NFP staff are not sufficiently qualified or lack the ‘big picture’ insight to complete these adequately for the precise requirements. The measure of success for our audited Not for Profit clients is the receipt of a clean audit management letter and no adjustments required to accounts at the end of the year.