An Insider’s Guide to Awesome Administrators

Good administrators, the ones who get things done before you have to ask, the ones who are meticulous and detailed yet friendly and fun, are as rare as hens’ teeth.  But if you find one… your business will skyrocket, as they are a very crucial part.

Not only are they the first face clients see when they come in the door, they are also behind the smooth running of any office environment.

As the practice manager of our office, I lead our administration team and I love my job!  We make the most of having a very strong admin team in our office, so our accountants can get on with what they do best – strategic planning, budgets and cash flow forecasts, and, of course, accounts! We take care making sure our office is clean and tidy. We enjoying making cups of tea and coffee for our clients and having a chat as they come in the door. We make sure our annual work is in so our accountants don’t need to worry about getting the work in but can focus on getting high quality work out the door to our clients. And we take pride in the relationships we get to build with our clients.

Having us in a supporting role allows the firm to schedule our client work throughout the year to best suit the needs of our clients – so it’s on your terms, not ours!

But choosing the right administrator for your business can be tricky.  Here are five things to watch out for:

1)    Organised Chaos! – Some creative types probably won’t make great administrators because they are naturally disorganised to others – probably the people they are supporting!

2)    Houdini – If your administrator has a tendency to disappear and can’t be located for love nor money, you might be stuck on your own doing the administrative tasks yourself!

3)    Prioritising is not a priority – When hiring, ask the question around prioritising workloads: How do they work under pressure when they are chopping and changing constantly?

4)    A sour-faced receptionist reading a magazine and filing their nails while ignoring the phone is not what you need at all. Watch out for the self-absorbed types!

5)    “Just do it” attitudes rock.  Worker bee types are brilliant at administrative tasks because they just get on with the job at hand.  When interviewing, watch the expression on your candidates face when you talk about mountains of filing or other task that might not be terribly exciting to do!

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