People & Collaboration

We recently had an accounting firm from Auckland come and join us for a couple of days of team building, training and collaboration. The business owner and I are part of a group that get together a couple of times a year. We find this is a really helpful sharing of ideas exercise, so we thought why not extend this to the rest of the team in our practices? We consequently decided to get our whole teams together. Apart from it being a great social occasion and having great fun showing off our fabulous city it was really inspiring for everyone.

As a small business it’s often hard to keep up with new ways of doing things and bringing in new ideas. We’re both Chartered Accountancy businesses, so we do the same work, but our methods of doing that are quite different. We use different software or processes and slightly different systems. Each team member was able to have discussions with their contemporaries in the other team giving and receiving good ideas for making our jobs easier and to be more efficient.

We also had an external trainer come in and run some sessions for us. It’s really important to provide training to your team, but as a small business it can be expensive, but by joining with another small team we shared the cost but still had personalised training.

Everybody got so much out of it that we’re already planning a reciprocal visit next year.